Quora adds targeting options for more focused mobile campaigns

Quora has added three new targeting options for its advertisers – keyword history, gender and browser targeting.

Keyword history targeting combines keywords with question retargeting options on Quora. It allows brands to reach audiences who have shown an interest in specific subjects or interests that match campaign keywords.

The ads target audiences that visited the question pages during a certain period in time, for example, the past 20 days. Ads will be displayed via the user feed, topic feed and question pages.

When opting for gender targeting, advertisers are able to address men or women specifically. This could be useful for brands that are more gender-specific such as a woman’s fashion line or a make-up brand.

In early testing, advertisers saw a 40% conversion lift for gender targeted ads compared to ads without according to Quora.

At the same time, the popular Q&A platform also added browser targeting which allows marketers to reach users by specific browser including Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Quora already offers mobile and device targeting, but the addition of browsers is new.

Quora has been busy expanding its ad options following its launch in 2017. In late 2018, the company added image ad formats for mobile and desktop.

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