Propeller Ads launches new self-serve advertising platform for fine-tuned campaigns

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Posted: January 18, 2016


Global advertising network, Propeller Ads, recently launched their new Self-Serve Advertising Platform which offers a more intuitive way for marketers to setup and fine tune their campaigns. The platform comes with a powerful interface to give advertisers a more hands-on approach in creating their ads, without the need for extra management.

Now delivering 20bn ad impressions across desktop and mobile devices each month, the new platform is a natural extension of Propeller Ads’ network with a strong focus on user experience.
Based on a CPM pricing model, advertisers can reach their desired audiences defining their targets by geography, device, OS, mobile carrier, day of the week and more. Campaigns are then published to Propeller Ads’ network of quality publishers.

The company’s flagship OnClick ad format ensures that campaigns reach a high quality audience for apps and games. In combination with its advanced targeting options, clients get access to a more engaged global, mobile audience.

In addition, the new platform allows marketers to estimate their campaign’s traffic.

Campaign Traffic Estimator



Now, marketers can manage their daily and total campaign budgets more easily. The new advertiser dashboard also helps to analyse a campaign’s success through key statistics.

Analyse and optimise for maximum ROI



Propeller Ads has been providing a full service for ad campaigns since 2011. The new Self-Serve Platform now offers marketers ease and control in running their campaigns.

Propeller Ads presents the Self-Serve Advertising Platform


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