Programmatic video is the strongest area of growth in mobile marketing

Anne Freier | November 25, 2015

Mobile Advertising

The new 2015 European State of the Video Industry report by AOL Advertising finds that mobile video is growing rapidly with over half of media buyers planning to increase their mobile video spend. However, despite its fast rise, buyers and sellers are still facing obstacles such as cross-device targeting, with 53% of respondents considering it as a key challenge. Measurement has long been a pain point for mobile media buyers and continues to be an obstacle for 44%, as mobile conversions are still difficult to track. 39% of advertisers cited creative optimisation as another core challenge in mobile video.
The study also found that almost all video buyers (98%) and 97% of sellers in Europe are now buying and selling video programmatically. 95% of brands plan to implement programmatic buying over the coming 12 months, saying it adds efficiency and can be integrated into in-house automation and CRM systems.
Brands are buying programmatically
Among core metrics used for digital video, CTR remains the most important for 43% of buyers, followed by viewability (40%) and impressions/reach (38%).
CTR still the most important metric for video buyers
Niall Hogan, Managing Director, Integral Ad Science UK, says:
niall hogan

“Video advertising is one of the fastest growing media channels in the UK, and it’s important that we as an industry continue to tackle issues around viewability, online ad fraud, and brand safety risk. We still have work to do in display advertising, but video has even greater challenges to overcome.”

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