Placed Affiliate on How to Increase Your App Revenues

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Partner Post - Placed Affiliate - Earn Revenue With Your App Without Ads

Posted: January 12, 2015

Jeff Hoefer is Campaign Manager at Placed where he focuses on recruitment and growing the panel that supports the location analytics services that Placed offers. Before that he was a Marketing Manager at Big Fish Games, overseeing mobile user acquisition campaigns for the top grossing app, Big Fish Casino. Prior to mobile, Jeff helped market the growing catalogue of over 3,000 desktop games on the customer acquisition team assisting in the distribution of over 2 billion games. We caught up with Jeff to find out more about Placed Affiliate and their goals for 2015.

What is Placed Affiliate and how does it work?
Placed Affiliate is the easiest way for app developers to generate incremental, recurring revenue from their app without adding advertising, in-app purchases or altering the user experience. App developers using the Placed Affiliates SDK will start turning location into monthly revenue, for market research purposes. Developers implement the SDK, user opt-in, and, in exchange, the developer earns incremental income. Device data, including location, is measured in aggregate and is only measured when the app has received explicit location permissions from the user. To ensure a privacy-first experience, Placed requires a secondary notification of measurement upon initial install, along with links to the Placed Terms and Privacy Policy.
What sort of CPMs and revenues can the platform deliver?
$30-50 cost per 1000 measured users in 7 days. $80-100 cost per 1000 measured users every 30 days.
How does the Placed SDK interact with other types of ad services?
The Placed SDK does not interfere or interact with your current monetization solution, it only adds to the revenue you can make from your users. App developers can keep their current monetization solution and add to their monthly revenue with our program.
What sort of app developers and publishers have been successful with the Placed SDK?
All apps work with our program, but apps that rely on location to function do best.
How is the SDK integrated and what platforms do you support?
The SDK is compatible with iOS and Android smartphone apps at this time.
Which geographies are you working in right now and where are you seeing the most growth?
We work with US traffic only.
What’s coming up in 2015 for the company?
2015 is an exciting year for Placed Affiliates as we’re looking to expand the program quite aggressively to expand our overall panel of users.
How can developers get started with the service?
Contact us today and we’ll get you started.
Thanks Jeff for the interesting insights. Head over to the Placed Affiliate website for more.