launches Learn2Fly game app using Appsaholic Rewarded Moments SDK

perk thumbstar, the cloud-based mobile rewards platform provider, yesterday announced a partnership with mobile games developer, distributor and publisher Thumbstar Games. Perk will be overseeing the developer’s launch of its Learn2Fly app utilising its Appsaholic Rewarded Moments SDK. The SDK is customisable and leverages Perk’s rewards platform to engage, retain and monetise users through Perk Points and other rewards. helps Thumbstar Games launch new game
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Adam Salamon, Chief Operating Officer, Perk, says:
adam salamon

“Perk’s Appsaholic Rewarded Moments SDK provides publishers with an opportunity to reward, retain, and monetize their users by utilizing our mobile rewards program. The same mobile rewards program that has garnered so much success for the Company and accelerated us to the number one position as a mobile rewards provider. We are excited to partner with a leading publisher such as Thumbstar Games to bring rewards to their large, global user base.”

Thumbstar Games reaches over 50m users worldwide. The company will be integrating Perk’s rewards platform into all its legacy products and future game launches.
Martin Kitney, Chief Operating Officer, Thumbstar Games, adds:
martin kitney

“User retention is a huge challenge faced by our industry and the Rewarded Moments SDK allows us to utilize the power of rewards to keep users engaged and coming back to our apps. Perk has proven that they know rewards and retention better than anyone in the mobile industry, so the choice to integrate the Appsaholic Rewarded Moments SDK was an easy one.”

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