Pandora tests interactive voice ads

Anne Freier | December 16, 2019

App Business

Pandora, the mobile radio app, is currently trialling interactive audio ads which allow users to engage with ads using voice commands.

It makes sense that a radio app would be testing voice-led advertising and the company’s Voice Mode has already been adopted by millions of its listeners.

The company tested its new interactive voice ads during campaigns with major brands such as Doritos, Ashley HomeStores, Unilever, Wendy’s, Turner Broadcasting, Comcast, and Nestle.

“Doritos looks for ways to connect with those who are hyper-engaged with digital and are looking to build their lives online. We also seek to challenge advertising norms. Voice ads allow us to do both: engage our tech-forward audience with a message that disrupts. We took a playful approach by translating Doritos visual “Anti-Ad” creative concept to an audio environment to excite and intrigue listeners to say ‘yes’ to Doritos,” explained Leslie Vesper, Senior Director of Marketing, Doritos.

Previous research by Pandora found that 71% of its listeners are more likely to remember ads that are engaging and interactive voice ads have the power to do just that. Meanwhile, voice ads allow for a hands-free interactive experience and drive verbal engagement.

Here’s an example of a Hellman’s mayonnaise ad to show you what an interactive voice ad sounds like:

Pandora is still testing the ad format, but will be launching a new audio strategy in 2020.

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