OtherLevels rolls out Intelligent Messaging solution for mobile engagement

Anne Freier | November 18, 2015

Mobile Advertising

OtherLevels, the digital marketing platform, recently announced the launch of its Intelligent Messaging solution that allows marketers to engage consumers more efficiently, leveraging machine learning and big data to create a profile of each consumer and determine the best channel and message to reach them.
OtherLevels launches Intelligent Messaging solution
Source: otherlevels.com
Ramsey Masri, CEO, OtherLevels, says:
ramsey masri

“Intelligent Messaging by OtherLevels is breakthrough technology. The future of messaging is being able to interact with your audience irrespective of message type, whether traditional or new, with many triggered in the moment – not the legacy first generation approach of ‘segment and send’. Only OtherLevels is thinking deeply and executing on the vision of second generation marketing automation.”

Single-orientated campaigns such as email or push notifications require a pre-determined channel or messaging type, which can render these campaigns inefficient as they tend to miss large sections of potential audiences. Intelligent Messaging maximises reach by letting advertisers focus on message content and journey as opposed to channel or type.

The platform also tracks the effectiveness of the campaign across email, SMS, push notifications, rich inbox, interstitials, browser, and across desktop web, mobile web and in-app. In addition, it provides retargeting to grow campaign reach.

Masri adds:

“We are tremendously excited to announce Intelligent Messaging by OtherLevels. The leadership that this solution brings to the digital marketing space is significant, and no other platform is able to match the reach to 100% of audiences across opted-in and non opted-in users, while simultaneously making it easier for marketers to focus on campaign and journey creation. Intelligent Messaging can provide a significant improvement to an organization’s engagement with their customers, which in turn will boost retention and revenue measures.”

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