OpenX reports strong revenue driven by mobile and video ads

OpenX, the ad tech provider, just announced revenue growth of 20% during Q4 2017, marking its tenth straight year of growth. The company benefitted from significant investments in mobile, video and other initiatives.
Since the company was founded, OpenX has successfully grown.
The main factors contributing to the company’s growth were:
Investing in mobile first. From the start, OpenX has focused on mobile tech and its mobile business grew 39% in 2017, with in-app revenue surging 89%.
Meanwhile, video revenue jumped 5,000% during 2017. The majority of OpenX publishers used the exchange to monetize their video inventory in 2017 and into early 2018.
The company adds that investments in quality efforts such as anti-fraud measures and third-party verification initiatives also drove growth.
In 2017, it invested $50 million in R&D efforts to expand its technology and products.
Although 33% of its growth in 2017 can be attributed to the EU, OpenX also noted strong growth in APAC.
Tim Cadogan, CEO of OpenX said:

“Over the last several years we’ve seen an overarching trend where brands, publishers and consumers are increasingly prioritizing quality over everything else. When we look back at our success as a company, our longstanding commitment to quality clearly stands as a differentiating factor. In 2017, we fully transitioned to being a mobile first company and are quickly capturing a leadership position in video as well. […] In the coming year we will continue to invest in the future to accelerate both our existing business growth and our new market growth in areas such as OTT and Connected TV. In addition, we anticipate continued strong growth internationally as we expand our already strong market position in EMEA and grow further into Southeast Asia.”

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