News Corp to launch its own news aggregation service competing with Google and Facebook

News Corp plans to launch a news aggregation service to compete with Google News and Facebook that features news irrespective of political orientation.

The Rubert Murdoch-owned group said it was launching to provide an outlet does not discriminate against conservative views.

The move follows criticism of Google and Facebook saying that they had not treated news sources impartially.

The Wall Street Journal (part of News Corp) first reported on the changes said that the changes would promote smaller sites which tend to be demoted by Google and Facebook. will include national and local news outlets, digital publications and magazines.

To get publishers to sign up, Knewz will not be taking any cut of ad revenue.

News will be curated by employees and algorithms.

But getting readers to sign up may be a much greater challenge as Google News and Facebook are both prominent sites for discovering news.

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