Myron Mai, CEO of Offerslook, Talks Performance Marketing

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Posted: March 26, 2018

Myron is the CEO and Founder of Offerslook. With the mission to make performance marketing easy and smart. Myron started Offerslook – performance marketing platform in 2015. Under his leadership, Offerslook is rewarded as one of The Most Promising SaaS Company in China.

What is Offerslook and how are you positioned in the market? 

Offerslook is a Performance Marketing software. It enables Networks, Agencies, and Advertisers to track, analyze and optimize advertising traffic.
I worked in mobile advertising industry for years before I started Offerslook. I deeply know how performance marketers are suffered by the tedious routine work and high technology cost. So, I started Offerslook with a mission to drive performance marketing to a new level.  We are dedicated to making all affiliate networks and ad networks’ business easy and smart.
We simplify the designs of UI and UE so that users feel easier using it. The SMART series that our team creates helps our clients tackle all the trivial and tiresome routines. For instant, they can grab offers from advertisers just with one click and let the software automatically monitor their operations. Our conversion-based pricing can save the cost up to 70%.

What types of clients do you work with?

Currently we focus on affiliate marketing especially performance marketing, so affiliate marketer, ad network, agency could be our clients.
For start-up client we provide a pricing choice as low as 90 USD (based on click) help our client lower down their system cost significantly.
For enterprise client we provide more powerful customization features like smartlink, smart alert, help them improve the ROI of human resources.

What geographies are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth?

We now have thousands of clients across the world. India, China, Israel, Eastern Euro (especially Ukraine) performance very well last year.
As US and most Europe market is becoming more and more crowded. It is better to turn your way to the emerging markets. The future of mobile is in emerging markets.
China, India, Latin-America (Especially Brazil), Southeast is among the largest of the emerging markets, due to their fast penetrating of the smartphone. These emerging markets are expected to become the new star for the affiliate marketing and present a great opportunity for mobile affiliate marketing.

What markets do you see the most impacted by a mobile ad fraud?

Fraud has been an issue since online performance marketing’s inception. Since mobile market continues to grow, so is the ad fraud. You can find the highest fraud rate in North America and Europe, because of the higher payouts, but same problem also exist in east countries like India, China.
Given that situation, we invest many effort for fraud detection. We integrated with 3rd party fraud detection service, FrаudScore. And we are also trying to build a new mechanism by using block chain technology to help prevent fraud.

What are your main tips for successful mobile affiliate marketing?

I would first say that a great importance attached on the number of affiliates or even the volume of sales is a bad idea in 2018. Mobile affiliate marketing is going to be niche.
Traffic is moving to more vertical and segmented markets. Try to catch new traffic sources that end users will pay more attention to, such as live broadcasting.
Last, choosing a great Affiliate Marketing Tracking software will help you catch for predictive insights.

What technologies do you consider to be cutting-edge of a mobile affiliate marketing software?

Affiliate and Advertiser can truly trust each other and make deals easier through Block Chain, which make the entire transaction and negotiation process simpler. For example, applying the smart contract technology of block chain in anti-fraud requires ad serving media to apply and obtain vote authority so as to gain access to trusted list. Offerslook is as well looking for application of block chain technology to solve ad transaction problems. In the later part of this year we will launch new functions to display our technological improvement.

What do you think the big themes for mobile performance marketing are going to be in 2018?

I think the big theme for mobile performance marketing will be AI. As we all know, for these years, Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing industries one by one. In 2018, we will see great changes and impact on the digital marketing field due to the application of AI. For example, Marketers can use AI to better understand customer behavior, then, fine tune their strategies to the most detailed & personalized level accordingly which surely provide a great ROI to businesses. Thanks to Artificial intelligence. So, it’s better to be ready that Artificial Intelligence is going to make our lives different as Marketers.

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