MoPub adds viewability measurement for publishers

Anne Freier | September 1, 2017

Mobile Advertising

Twitter’s mobile ad exchange MoPub has rolled out the MoPub software development kit (SDK) which integrates viewability support from independent measurement providers Integral Ad Science (IAS) and Moat.
Through the latest addition, MoPub hopes to help publishers offer their in-app inventory to buyers for improved viewability and measurement metrics.
Publishers will first need to upgrade to the new SDK to tap into the expanded viewability measurement tools.
According to a recent report by Credit Suisse, 63% more marketers now deem viewability an important criteria in digital advertising, compared to three months before.
In a blog post, MoPub wrote:

At MoPub, we hear this theme echoed by buyers every day, and see this release as a key milestone in helping digital marketers realize the potential of mobile in-app.

Catherine Patterson, Senior Director of Inventory Partnerships at The Trade Desk explained:

“We work with premium brands around the world, and a top ask to enabling in-app spend is access to viewable inventory. Our buyers want consistency in measurement across devices and investment is prioritized by where they can measure. The ability to leverage independent verification, such as IAS and Moat on MoPub, is going to immediately enable our clients to increase spend in-app.”

Although viewability is a fairly new addition on the sell-side, the data can be just as important for in-app publishers as for marketers.
Taylor Coulis, Director of Programmatic at TheScore, added:

“Viewability has become critical for our monetization strategy. It’s helping us deliver the right value and meet the goals of our advertisers, as well as drive an increase in revenue. MoPub’s SDK for viewability gave us an easy solution to implement, and we’re excited to be partnering with them to support this key initiative.”

The move should boost the revenue potential of publishers whilst offering brands improved metrics and insights to make their purchasing decisions.

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