Moblin Introduces the first Pre-Installed App Network, helping publishers bypass the app store

Mobile marketing company Moblin has launched the Pre-Installed Apps Network, which it will use to help developers get their apps installed on mobile devices before they reach customers hands, sidestepping the need to encourage them to find and download it from an app store.
It’s the first of its kind, and Moblin has signed up a variety of big-name industry players, including networks such as Verizon, T-Mobile, and Deutsche Telekom, plus hardware manufacturers including Micromax and iBall, and retailers like Carphone Warehouse.
The company says the Pre-Installed App Network will reach more than 100 million devices globally, and calls the system a “game changer” in the world of user acquisition. Why? Because a pre-installed app gives developers and publishers the chance to put their brand at the forefront of a user’s mind. Users look for core apps, from reading news, to finding sports scores, and online shopping, and Moblin believes a pre-installed app has a higher chance of being used, rather than the user browsing for an alternative inside the app store.
Ofer Eitan, Moblin’s CEO, explains:

“The best thing for a brand is simply to be on the user’s smartphone. As a user acquisition manager, you save efforts, money and time with this shortcut to the tip of the funnel; there’s no need for the user to see the ad, click it and then install the app… it’s already there”

It’s only the beginning for Moblin’s Pre-Installed App Network, and at the moment, it’s reserved for “top brands only,” according to Eitan. However, before the end of the summer, the company will introduce a bidding platform and open it up to more marketers.
The Moblin Pre-Installed Ad Network
While pre-installed apps can be great for publishers, they’re not always welcomed by users. Moblin has taken some steps to avoid the apps being an annoyance, including the ability for the apps to be deleted without causing problems to the operating system. Additionally, once the apps are installed, Moblin provides tracking for user retention and engagement, along with user spend.
To get more information on the Pre-Installed App Network, visit Moblin’s website to sign-up, just be aware the company’s only working with premium brands at this early stage. To learn more about the company, visit Moblin’s profile here.

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