Mobile web tops mobile usage ahead of Facebook by 3%

Mobile web usage has increased significantly over the last two years, reaching 85% of mobile device users per month and responsible for an average 33 minutes of usage per day.

Facebook was the second most-used platform (68%) accounting for 27 minutes per day, followed by YouTube (59%).

These are the findings by mobile brand advertising company Kargo’s new 2019 Web vs. App Report released today.

Back in 2017, when Kargo first initiated the study, it found that mobile web represented a quarter of all time, ranking behind Facebook. AS the mobile ecosystem has become more fragmented and users are sharing their time across multiple apps, Facebook and mobile web usage have declined.

Safari and Chrome browsers were the most used channels in terms of time spent (17%), followed by Facebook (14%) and YouTube (8%).

“We’ve been fortunate to partner with incredible brands, working with them to ensure their platform of choice is the most relevant for them,” said Ryan McConville, President and COO at Kargo. “Our research shows that mobile web benefits enormously from accessibility and reaches a majority of all mobile device users – a key component they should take into consideration as they look to build out their overall mobile strategy and engage with more consumers.”

Meanwhile, in-app web content consumption is responsible for at least 30% and 10% of time spent in Flipboard and Facebook, respectively.

However, mobile and web platforms continue to have their unique place within the mobile ecosystem. Apps tend to be used more heavily for entertainment, games and social, whilst web includes search, shopping and entertainment.

Kargo also identified specific categories by platform consumers tend to focus on when using apps versus web.

Automotive, search & reference and business categories were more heavily accessed via mobile web, whilst app users tend to watch videos and photos, play games and engage in social communication.

Overall, the findings highlight that mobile advertisers and brands looking to target consumers within specific industries may be better served by focusing on one platform over the other.

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