Mobile orders increased 15% this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has proven to be a good time for retailers with a mobile strategy in place according to new data by Salesforce. The latest findings reveal that mobile traffic to retail sites was 68% with 15% more orders being placed on smartphones compared to 2017.

Indeed, mobile dominated Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend purchases.

Overall, digital revenue rose 18% year-on-year. The share of mobile orders this year was 54%, reaching the highest rate to date.

This trend was partially driven by easy access and 24/7 availability of mCommerce sites and apps. Indeed, consumers were able to begin shopping right away on Black Friday and did not have to wait for shops to open. Marketers jumped on the trend by increasing push notifications to 159% compared to the previous year and emails by 26%.

Overall, mobile reached 68% of traffic, up from 62% last year.

Interestingly, shoppers sought inspiration from social media and other discovery channels and media. Social channel traffic was up 41% with more users sharing in-demand products.

Similar to Sensor Tower data, Salesforce noted that Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Best Buy and Etsy were among the top talked-about retailers.

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