4 Must-Haves On Every Mobile Marketers’ Wish List

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Partner Post - Oplytic Mobile Marketing and Engagement

Posted: December 12, 2016

Andrew Degenholtz brings some 20 years of experience as an active participant and innovator in magazine circulation and mobile app marketing to his current position as president of Oplytic, LLC, which he founded in 2009. The company offers a variety of tools to help its clients acquire engaged and paying mobile users. He is a member of the Alliance for Audited Media digital edition task force, created to develop best practices for acquisition of digital magazine subscribers.
Coffee. It’s nectar for the gods of marketing or at least that’s the image advertisers have created throughout the decades. Long equated with the pencil pushing (make that, mobile device pushing) entrepreneurs and employees of the working world, java starts the day and is the stuff year-end holiday exchanges are made of. But amid the pounds of special seasonal grounds, there are four gifts every mobile marketer longs to get.

  • A Break

Nothing recharges one’s creative engine and refreshens one’s focus like a vacation. The trick is making the getaway stress-free. That means skipping a visit to the in-laws and going all out for a spa retreat and using online check-in apps en route to the airport.

  • A Savvy Plan

Once invigorated with a break, it’s time to get down to business by meshing your mobile marketing goals and campaign objectives into a sound strategy for success. The task is definitely not simple so backup from a trusted analytics agency is key. Such experts can measure past successes (and losses) of all your digital brands to help pave the way to a newer, stronger and more metric-driven plan of attack.

  • A Wide Net

There’s a theory that the more consumers mobile marketers reach, the more niche audiences they will cover. To maximize your brand’s coverage, work with analytic strategists who can customize your media plan to drive high quality traffic and downloads for your websites and apps. The ability to engage and re-engage users with in-app messaging and inbox features will help create relevant content that leads to increased market share.

  • A Workable Budget

The Roman playwright Plautus once said, “You must spend money to make money.” But that was way before analytics agencies such as Oplytic offered a preferred network and preferential pricing model, allowing mobile marketers to pay only when a media partner delivers a qualifying customer. Not surprisingly, deals this sweet are best served with holiday coffee.

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