Mobile devices used in more than half of all Chinese ecommerce transactions this year

Andy Boxall | August 18, 2015

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Data collated by media agency We Are Social shows that mobile adoption and use continues to rise. In particular, the data shows a massive rise in the use of mobile devices to make purchases online, revealing that this year, more than half of all ecommerce transitions will be mobile, an 85% rise over 2014.

Mcommerce represents at least 50% of all ecommerce transactions in China

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We Are Social’s data is based on the year so far, and prior to August, ecommerce generated more than $253b — 10% of its total retail sales. The PC remains the preferred method of making online purchases, but mobile is catching up, particularly for research. The survey shows that within the last month, 18% researched a product using a PC, and 15% used a smartphone. Purchases were made by 29% of the population using a computer, and 20% on a smartphone — or 270 million people.

Mobile device usage is still behind PC use for research and purchasing decisions

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While the number of active Internet and social media users continues to grow in China — up 6% and 2% over the past 12 months respectively — the growth in mobile subscriptions and mobile social media users is greater. The former saw an 8% rise, or 94 million new subscriptions, in the same time, and the latter a 15% increase.

We Are Social’s data reveals the amount of people in China using mobile devices for mcommerce

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This continued increase in mobile usage is expected to have an effect on media consumption this year. We Are Social estimates mobile devices will account for around one-third of the time Chinese adults spend viewing media. It’s also estimated that the average mobile user spends two hours 46 minutes each day browsing the internet, an hour less than PC or tablet users.

The entire We Are Social report can be downloaded from here.

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