Mobile devices remain central to consumer online experience

Mobile advertising network BuzzCity just released its latest quarterly report on digital consumption habits of mobile users worldwide. The survey combines the views of 4,100 respondents across Asia, the Americas, Africa and Western Europe. One of the key findings highlights that despite a growth in multi-device surfing, mobiles remain at the core of consumers’ online experience. 83% of global mobile users said they preferred to surf using their phones. However, this figure represents a slight decline from 86% in 2014, attributed to the growing usage of tablets (12%) and smart TVs (10%).
Mobiles are still leading the online experience
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The research further found that smartwatches were on the rise with 8% of respondents saying they planned to buy a wearable within the coming 6-12 months.
Mobiles represent one of the leading devices when it comes to usage for entertainment (41%), communication (35%), passing time as well as reading the news (20% each), but also business online activities (16%).
Mobile phones are being used predominantly for entertainment and communication
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During Q2 2015, 87bn ad banners were served across BuzzCity’s network, representing a flat growth compared to Q1, but a 5% half-year rise from the first half of 2014. Data for June 2015 suggests that global smartphone user penetration stands at 67%, with Android phones making up 43% of user devices. Smartphones were dominant in over 141 markets, with 50% of mobile users owning smartphones.
Global smartphone penetration is now at 67%
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Among key players in the mobile ad sector was Malaysia which reported a growth of 21% during Q2 2015, compared to 17% during Q1. This pushes the country back into the global top six for mobile advertising growth. Surfing is largely driven by smartphone users in the country (83%). Manish Mishra, Chief Revenue Officer, BuzzCity, comments:

“There are 15 countries that have witnessed double-digit growth in mobile advertising over the last three months with Singapore recording triple-digit growth. The growth here in Malaysian mobile Internet use has come predominantly from Kuala Lumpur at 60%, followed by Johor Baharu, Ipoh, Penang and Kuching.”

The report highlights the importance for marketers to scale content to suit mobile device and incorporate a mobile-first approach. At the same time, the multi-device experience is changing the way we surf and requires content developers and advertisers to scale and adapt campaigns accordingly.

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