Mobile device usage is up during working hours

Consumers are using their mobile devices more often during working hours, which may be an indication that they’re using two devices at the same time during pandemic lockdowns.

That’s according to an analysis by marketing tech and consumer engagement firm Valassis which examined shifting consumer trends as more people work from home and maintain social distance.

The data revealed that a growing number of consumers are also using their mobile devices later into the night, which shows that they are staying up later on week days.

App usage was up as evidenced by higher internet usage pattern, but the data found that this was linked to information rather than entertainment apps.

Accordingly, people are looking at more serious topics pertaining to finances, healthcare and the economy more often.

For brands and mobile marketers, this signals a shift in consumer behaviour.

“As marketers and brands appeal to their customers based on their interests, they should also realize that how consumers act on their interests, both now and when the recovery begins, may be different,” said Carrie Parker, vice president, marketing, Valassis. 

“It is more important than ever to make a connection, which involves getting to know consumer needs in this ‘new normal’ as well as understanding shifting patterns in different regions to engage as meaningfully as possible with both marketing and messaging.”

Given the mental burden that lockdowns are causing, more consumers also accessed counselling and health services as noted by location insights.

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