Mobile ad spend to reach $90bn by 2017

New research from mobile marketing intelligence firm Warc has found that global mobile ad spend reached $48bn in 2015, making up 30% of all internet ad spend. Mobile ad spend has been doubling over the last two years, signifying its meteoric rise and is expected to account for 44% of all online ad spend in 2017, reaching $90bn.
Mobile ad spend set to reach 44% of all digital ad spend in 2017
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Meanwhile, desktop spending has stagnated around $112bn and is likely to decline further over the coming years, with the US, China and the UK leading the drop. This means that mobile will be the core driver of online growth in the near future.
Mobile vs. desktop/tablet
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GlobalWebIndex data supports this trend, showing that mobile makes up a third of all online time worldwide.
When it comes to mobile advertising type, social media represents a strong opportunity for growth. Social ad spend surpassed $10bn in 2015 in the US and is forecast to represent a fifth of all online ad spend in the US in 2016. By 2017, global social ad spend is to reach $28bn, 31% of the total mobile expenditure.
Mobile video is also growing rapidly, having doubled from 2014 to reach $1.4bn in China last year. Warc predicts that by the end of this year, half of all online video ad spend in the country will be mobile. On a global scale, mobile video ad spend is set to grow to $10bn in 2016.
However, search advertising remains the primary driver of mobile ad spending, reaching $40bn by 2017 – double of today’s level.
Social, video and search mobile advertising are on the rise
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