MediaMark partners with MeMe Mobile to help clients reach mobile customers through personalised messaging

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Media solutions provider MediaMark has signed a partnership agreement with MeMe Mobile, a mobile customer engagement and ad platform created by dynamic traffic company Digitata. MeMe Mobile allows marketers to reach mobile users through mobile messages targeted by location, demographics, time of day and other criteria. Ad content is personalised and hence more engaging.
Talib Sadik, MD, Mediamark, explains:

“We’re seeing growing demand from our clients for digital solutions that help them target their marketing message to the right type of person, in the right place, at the right time. MeMe Mobile gives them the ability to reach customers with personalised messaging at great scale, measure their results, and optimise performance.”

Through its USSD platform, clients create and submit their content as well as targeting values. MeMe Mobile then matches and delivers this content to relevant subscribers, featuring a call to action such as website link or sign-up and download buttons.
How MeMe Mobile USSD works
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The MiMeMe portal enables marketers to track their campaigns in real-time and view post-campaign stats and insights.
Henk Swanepoel, CEO, MeMe Mobile, says:
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“Our mobile media channel complements Mediamark’s radio and digital media solutions. In the media flow process, mobile is increasingly where the transaction between the consumer and the brand takes place. Mediamark is uniquely positioned to facilitate this process.”

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