KissMyAds launches – another new mobile affiliate network in town

James Cooper | February 17, 2011


KissMyAds is the latest mobile affiliate network to launch.  The sector is really heating up with the recent entry of Moolah Media into the market and the news that Offermobi has raised $1m to fund the development of its platform.
KissmyAds is pushing two angles – the ability to monetise Android Apps.  As paying for apps on android has been slow to take off there is a proliferation of free apps and only so much CPC ad inventory from the likes of admob to monetise all this free usage with.  So affiliate marketing is the perfect fit – you can deliver a 100% fill rate no matter how much volume is there.
The second angle Kissmyads is taking is to offer a lifetime share of subscriptions so affiliates get an ongoing revenue stream if they achieve a sign-up.   Good to see some innovation happening in this space and different approaches being taken – all good news for affiliates.
KissMyAds seem to be using the same Has Offers platform as Liquid Wireless – this is a great choice, reliable, good UI for affiliates and much more user friendly than the platform Offermobi are using in our opinion.
So well worth checking out KissMyAds and signing up to their affiliate program.  Let us know how you get on!
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