Is the mobile web losing ground to apps? Smartphone app usage higher than ever before

Anne Freier | September 7, 2016

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The mobile web seems to be losing out to smartphone apps when it comes to consumer time being spent. Apps now make up half of the time US Americans spend online. That’s according to new research from comScore MMX Multi-Platform and comScore Mobile Metrix. Together with tablets, that figure quickly jumps up to 60%.

Mobile devices have become a central part of our daily lives and these figures are testament to this change.

We are spending more time in smartphone apps



In terms of actual app usage, comScore said smartphones were now responsible for 50% of our digital time spent and the mobile web 7%. Tablets accounted for 9% of time being spent in-app and 2% on the web. Desktops were still responsible for 32% of time being spent online.

Share of time by device



Perhaps these results aren’t much of a surprise given our daily online behavior. It’s become easier than ever before to reach for your smartphone when you want to check the news, the weather, reach a friend or snap a photo. Smartphones have also become top options for listening to music or reading books. Ultimately, it’s the convenience factor that is driving these powerful consumption habits. Add to that the evolution in smartphone screen size to become larger and expanding 4G LTE networks.

Despite desktops and tablets maintaining a critical role, smartphones are likely to expand their share of digital further over the coming years.

Hence, marketers should take note and ensure their digital strategies align.

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