IQ Option Trading Platform Gets Forex and Crypto Support, CFDs coming soon

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Partner Post - IQ Option CPA Ultimate CR and profitability

Posted: September 6, 2017

IQ Option is an international financial broker that operates in the spheres of financial derivatives, Forex and cryptocurrency trading and offers great opportunities for partners, willing to work in a dynamic and profitable industry.

New products, new opportunities

IQ Option started as a Binary Options Broker in 2013 and took the position of the market leader in 2016. The company offers best in the industry self-developed trading platform, as well as 24/7 customer support and user friendly marketing. All three are the most important components of our success.
Binary options, though profitable and popular among the general public, are becoming associated with fraud and gambling, rather than trading. Despite high moral standards and code of conduct that advocates fairness and transparency, IQ Option can also be affected by the negative aura surrounding the industry. Moreover, certain countries, especially members of the European Union, plan to outlaw binary options completely in the foreseeable future. And it is only the matter of time when this happens.
New products, represented mostly by cryptocurrencies and Forex, are easy to advertise to the wider audience. They do not require additional explanations and offer rich trading opportunities to the clients.
IQ Option evolves rapidly from a binary options broker into one of the most innovative, engaging and user-friendly Forex and cryptocurrency trading applications. The time is right for you to join our team.

Cryptocurrencies and Forex

Cryptocurrencies represent the opportunities this century has to offer. They are decentralized, deregulated and, what is probably the most important, they offer outstanding trading opportunities. Now it has become clear crypto is here to stay. And it is just the right time to capitalize on the trend.
Bitcoin and its younger peers are not simply the hottest trend of the trading season. The have become the asset that is very likely to transform the world’s entire financial landscape in the coming years. And people already know it! Millions and millions of ordinary people have joined the quest for cryptocurrency riches.
Forex is another trading instrument, well-known and cherished by traders all over the world, that has recently been added to the IQ Option portfolio. The problem with traditional Forex brokers is the complexity of trading platforms they use and their inability to adjust to the general public’s desires. IQ Options is taking a familiar financial tool and pairs it with perfect execution and user-friendly design that customers love.
Introduction of new products is a perfect opportunity for you to attract new customers. And it is just right time to join the best affiliate program out there and become an IQ Option partner.

IQ Option CPA. Highest conversion and payouts in financial vertical

What makes IQ Option affiliate program simply the best? To put it shortly, special features that the company is ready to offer within the framework of its CPA Program.
The trading platform is designed to convert. This is particularly the case because 8% of all new users make at least one deposit. With over four years of experience, we know what drives consumer demand and offer exactly what the customers want. With IQ Option you, as an affiliate partner, will have a chance to geographically diversify your sources of traffic and choose between European and Non-European markets. Thanks to tracking powered by, your progress will never be lost or underestimated. You, therefore, will always receive fair remuneration, which can go as high as $1200 per customer.

Join today

In order to become a partner and join the CPA Program visit and go through a brief registration process. Our specialists will contact you and guide through the rest of the process.