Instagram to roll out adverts across Explore section

Instagram is ramping up its advertising and could soon be adding ads to its Explore pages where users head to discover new content.

Ads won’t be immediately visible on the Explore grid, but instead appear as part of an Explore post the user clicks on.

The popular photo app plans to offer both photo and video ads.

More than 50% of Instagram users scroll through Explore every month which means that the company may have just opened up a sizeable new opportunity for marketers and brands to reach audiences.

Advertisers will also be able to extend existing campaigns by using automatic placements via a simple opt-in to reach audiences on Explore.

However, the company is wary of the fact that users may be getting tired of seeing more ads. Instagram added that ads would roll out slowly across Explore in an effort to not disrupt the user experience.

IGTV is among the first clients to trial the new ad format. Susan Buckner Rose, director of business product marketing told The Verge:

“Explore is where people are really open to discovery, and that’s why we’re really excited about this.[…] [Explore provides] the mindset where people are most receptive to advertising [and] people come to discover new accounts or people or brands that they don’t already follow.”

Explore launched in 2012 to merge the app’s search and “popular” tabs providing users with interesting and relevant personalised posts.

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