Instagram officially announces partner programme to boost mobile ad experience

Anne Freier | November 11, 2015

Mobile Advertising

Popular imaging app Instagram just announced the launch of Instagram Partners, the company’s partner programme to help businesses utilise the marketing experience of experts. As of right now, the company has 41 ad technology, community management and content management partners to help brands improve their campaigns on the app. It plans to add at least 100 to drive greater campaign success and user interaction.
Among the first to test the service has been chain of music halls House of Blues Entertainment, which combined Instagram targeting with the partner CitizenNet’s audience modeling to target Charlotte, North Carolina, residents with a similar music taste to promote an upcoming show in the city. The campaign resulted in a 64% increase in return on investment. The company has since expanded its ad efforts to over 40+ venues in the US.
House of Blues Entertainment Instagram ads
Similarly, eyewear maker Hawkers International achieved strong results with Instagram partner The company saw a 77% return on ad spend, with 26% lower CPC and half the CPA.
Laura O’Shaughnessy, Co-founder and CEO of Instagram partner SocialCode, adds:
laura o'shaughnessy

“Instagram gives brands a powerful platform to drive consumer awareness and action, and to reach new, qualified audiences. Since becoming an Instagram partner, we’ve helped more than 40% of our client advertisers launch Instagram campaigns driving their objectives.”

Mobile ad revenue on Facebook continues to grow rapidly. The company recently reported a 78% rise in mobile ad revenue for the third quarter 2015, beating analyst expectations. It comes at little surprise that the company aims to replicate its success across Instagram.

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