Instagram launches Ads API and Click-fil-A is among first brands to get a taste

Instagram launched its Ads API recently, enabling partners including Ampush and Nanigans to schedule and publish their content to the popular imaging site, whilst monitoring their audiences. For now, the company is testing its self-serve buying interface and APIs with a small group of partners and American fast food chain Click-fil-A is among the first to make use of it.
Click-fil-A tests Instagram Ads API
Jamie Tedford, CEO of Brand Networks, the social marketing software company that oversees Click-fil-A’s campaign, finds:

“Brands have been eager to begin advertising on Instagram for a while now. The platform is hugely popular – attracting an audience of 300 million engaged users, most of them on mobile. The reason for this growth in popularity is that, at its core, Instagram is all about sharing beautiful visuals in a simple format that resonates with today’s consumers who are bombarded with content on a variety of social sites every day. However, advertisements on Instagram should become a seamless, native part of the user experience, instead of the typical disruptive pop up or on screen advertisement we’ve previously been accustomed to in digital channels. The native aspect of advertising is especially important to Instagram and on mobile.”

In line with Cow Appreciation Day, Click-fil-A posted a series of art-inspired photos of materials resembling a cow costume to Instagram. The chain experienced a considerable brand lift. Tedford adds that creative still reigns supreme when designing an ad for the new API:

“Brands who focus on delivering compelling, useful advertising content to the right audience at the right time will be more relevant and find the most success on Instagram,” he says.

Instagram has been busy catching up to Facebook and now incorporates some of the latter’s targeting tools. In addition, the app introduced a “Shop Now” button to help consumers shop faster and find the items they like from a brand’s photo through one click. But in order to keep users returning for more, marketers should focus on creating compelling and engaging campaigns.

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