Instagram ads prove to be most memorable

Anne Freier

In App Business. October 24, 2019

Instagram has come out on top for ad effectiveness with a score of 10.8% according to Kargo.

The mobile brand advertising company just released its Viewability vs. Memorability Report, which takes a critical look at the ads we view and whether we can remember them.

Previous reports suggest that Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day, but they hardly recall the ads they saw in 24 hours.

The data suggests that although Instagrammers didn’t spend particularly long looking at ads (1.9%), ad effectiveness was still highest for the popular imaging app.

The mobile brand advertiser also noticed that large-format in-article mobile ads and mobile pinned ads scored well for effectiveness (4.1% and 3.9%, respectively).

Meanwhile, banner ads in gaming apps did not score well. Despite being 98.5% of the time in-view, gamers just aren’t paying any attention. Participants could not recall brands or companies featured in ads during a game. Ad effectiveness came out at a score of 1.3%.

“In order to deliver a successful ad experience today, brands need to consider if their creatives actually depict a clear message and resonate with consumers,” explained Harry Kargman, CEO and Founder of Kargo.

“Our research shows that factors such as ad creative, messaging, placement and the digital environments in which brands advertise in can lead to building greater brand awareness. The fragmentation of today’s media landscape has changed consumers’ consumption habits, and in order for brands to break through today’s attention economy, it takes nothing short of “thumb-stopping” creative to garner recognition.”

Overall, 77% of participants looked at an Instagram ad at some point whilst using the app. The success of ads on Instagram may be due to their placements being seamlessly integrated into the user experience.

Ad views were 8.3x more effective on Instagram than gaming ads and 5.4x more effective than desktop ads.