InMobi’s global reach hits 872 million users

Jamie Giggs | November 12, 2014

Mobile Advertising

Mobile ad network InMobi has grown its global reach to 872 million users. The network now spans over 200 countries and serves 138 billion ad impressions every month.
Atul Satija, Vice President of Revenue and Operations at InMobi, said:

“Today, mobile advertising is all about catering to an ‘always-on’ user. As users begin to make decisions in real time, the concept of immediacy and moment marketing at that precise instance becomes critical to influence decisions. Our investments in data sciences and technology has resulted in a better understanding of our users. InMobi is the world’s leading independent mobile advertising platform reaching 872 million active uniques, providing brands and app developers with more efficient ways to monetize and discover new users, respectively.”

Additionally, InMobi released the infographic below which includes a range of data points covering the growth of their network, including:

  • Ad requests (per day): 4.8 billion per day
  • Data processed (per day): 420 TB
  • Events Ingested (per day): 10 billion per day
  • Total amount of new data generated in a single day: 24 TB
  • Number of distinct analysis performed directly at their big-data Hadoop warehouse: 800 per day

InMobi Big Data Infographic
Drilling down further into the network data, InMobi have provided a breakdown that includes the share of impressions from OS, handset and manufacturer. The leading OS was Android with 61.4%, double that of iOS, while Apple was ahead of the pack with their handset impressions at 21.6%. Samsung lead the charge with their manufacturer impressions at 38%, followed by Apple at 32%. It’s worth noting that 80% of ad impressions came from mobile apps and a similar share was accounted for by smartphones.
InMobi’s Global Market Overview Q3 2014
Global Market Overview
This data highlights the rapid growth of mobile usage and ad inventory across the world. It also demonstrates the significant scale that ad networks like InMobi are reaching. The large data set is certainly useful for analysing the dynamics in the market, such as the relative share of the different handsets.
For more information, check out the InMobi profile in our directory.

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