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Posted: August 6, 2015

Mobile app promotion works in the most effective way with purchasing traffic for the majority of app developers. According to VentureBeat’s latest study, 52% of developers choose to work with CPI model while promoting the app. That’s probably due to its simplicity and safety: you know exactly what your media buying costs are going to be and if those are within to your marketing budget, deal done.
In my previous article: “Incent vs Non-incent Traffic: Use Case for Each”, I have provided all the specific details on incent and non-incent traffic and when specifically it should be used by an app developer. Here I would like to share with you some hints on efficiency of incent traffic campaigns. Sometimes those are pretty close to regular traffic campaigns, especially from loyal user perspective.
There are two important aspects of rewarded installs, that simply cannot be underestimated. Those are the dramatically low prices and the velocity of installs volume that can be generated shortly after the launch. If you plan launching a new app, you should secure a large amount of installs in the first few days to get your app to top positions in the App Store and/or Google Play, either within a particular category or with the main app rating.
So, when is it useful and effective to buy incent traffic?

  1. When you are totally sure about your app’s quality, its landing page, its high value on the UI/UX side and its utility to the target audience.
  2. When you are limited on budget and you don’t have enough time, resources and expertise to manage multiple traffic campaigns simultaneously
  3. If you have the strong understanding of monetisation strategy relevance and its efficiency for your type of app / category / app store, etc.

Let us showcase now how exactly incent traffic can be an efficient source of traffic for your app, in other words and how you can leverage the potential of your app from incentivized installs.
Here are some numbers from one of our latest customer app, featuring in the Productivity category:

The numbers show us that the cost of loyal user acquired by incent traffic sources can actually be equal to non-incent traffic sources for certain apps. In the same time, number of loyal users acquired from non-incent traffic sources is significantly higher. But the budget necessary to create a non-incent traffic campaign is ten times higher, than the budget for incent campaign. So, it’s up to you to decide if you have extra $3000 to fund for a non-incent campaign without having the necessary data on the targeted audience of your app. On the other side, an incent campaign is less costly, and is able to provide you necessary data on your targeted audience after performing a testing incent campaign on CPI risk-free basis.
When you acquire users by converting traffic from CPM to CPI model you will need to look carefully at your ad sources to make sure their audience matches your target group (or groups). CPM and CPI may differ critically depending on the ad platform you work with. It takes a lot of time and efforts of your media buying team.
It is helpful to simplify your media buying efforts and use one dashboard to cover all your user acquisition needs. After running a test campaign you will see if the cost per loyal user is on the same level comparing to non-incent traffic sources. If yes, you’ve found another valid source is valid scale up you user acquisition campaign effectively.
Also start planning your app user acquisition campaign in advance. Having some time for planning and analysis is useful both if you aim to engage new users with incent or non-incent installs or work on a smart combination of different sources of traffic. If you want your app to stay longer on Top of the app store or a specific category, use other promotions in line with different traffic sources.
Helping your app with incentive traffic is a smart move and we would be happy to help you engage in it – especially when you are an indie app developer and cannot beat big publishers budgets. The key value of AppBooster platform by GoWide is the possibility to buy traffic at reasonable price in order to get more visibility on the app store and raise its app’s downloads within the shortest possible time.
AppBooster is a value for money solution for ambitious indie developers who want their apps to stand out from the crowd. If you want your app to be used by bigger audience, check-out the platform and start your app visibility campaign now.
Oles Dzyub, Branded Content Manager at GoWide

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