Immersion launches Haptic Ad Service for more immersive mobile video advertising using touch effects

Immersion which makes touch feedback technology for more immersive digital interactions, has rolled out a new Haptic Ad Service that lets advertisers add touch effects to HTML mobile video ads. The solution is cloud-based and uses VAST and VPAID online video ad standards to allow advertisers to design their own touch effects, serve and sync these effects with mobile ads in real-time.
Touch effects are proven to provide more engaging and immersive mobile ad and brand experiences. These tend to score higher in terms of metrics and ad awareness. Users who experience video ads with haptics were 51% more likely to unmute an ad.
Haptic Track creation is easy with Immersion
Indeed, Immersion recently commissioned an A/B trial in partnership with outstream video advertiser Teads. The trial was conducted by Research Now and found that outstream video ads with haptics increased purchase intend by 41% and ad awareness by 75%. In addition, 71% of participants agreed that haptics made the ad more interesting and 72% wanted to feel haptics.
Eric Tourtel, SVP of LATAM, Teads explains that the results are evidence that haptics do have a strong impact on mobile users.
eric tourtel

“Outstream video ads already create a more preferred and seamless online experience for the user by placing ads outside of the video stream within the paragraphs of contextually relevant editorial articles. The format, when coupled with Immersion’s haptic technology, helps deliver more memorable ads that allow brands to connect with consumers through multiple senses and creates positive brand perceptions.”

According to Teads, adverts that are optimised for mobile tend to provide better user functionality and hence capture audience attention more fully. He adds:

“Teads is now pushing the boundaries of what is possible on mobile with new immersive formats like inRead Vertical 360 that allow brands to convert their video ads into an interactive vertical experience to project more personal and relevant messages to their audiences. Touch effects are an extension of this, helping bring ads to life and brands closer to the users in what they consider to be the first and preferred screen – their phones.”

The Immersion Haptic Ad Solution provides haptics as part of a full design and creative tool suite.
TouchSense Design Cloud lets brands create touch effects for mobile video and encodes and prepares haptics ads for distribution.
TouchSense Campaign Manager is a platform created for media agencies and advertisers to track, manage and optimise their ad campaigns. Here, advertisers can set parameters that align to their advertising goals. Haptic impressions are tracked via ad tags and exported using Campaign Manager.
In addition, the company offers custom haptic design services with full creative and tech support from its Immersion team members.
Immersion has recently received recognition for its work within haptics. A Peugeot campaign using Immersion was name a finalist in the 2016 Online Marketing Media and Advertising Awards, and its work with Stoli Vodka was named one of AdWeek’s Mobile Media Plan of the Year.
Todd Whitaker, VP of Marketing and Product Management at Immersion, adds:
todd whitaker

“We’re thrilled to see that in multiple studies, the key performance metrics confirm impressive increase in user engagement. Over the last year, we saw incredible momentum from in-app haptic ads. With our new standards-based service offering, we’re making it easier than ever to conduct trials of haptics in mobile video ads and to immediately transition these trials into production, so that advertisers can start experiencing the value that the sense of touch can bring to their media campaigns.”

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