How to Secure Your Enterprise Mobile Applications

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Posted: August 2, 2018

We all know that the mobile app development market is never going to stop growing. What is the reason behind it? Mobile apps are essential regarding marketing, branding, public relation, customer content generation, market survey, security, and much more. Mobile applications are not used by consumers only; many organizations develop mobile applications for internal use. 

For instance, FoodPanda has a mobile app that helps their employees track the order and manage the activities of their employees. If we start talking about the advantages of mobile apps, we need much time to finish this article.

There are various types of mobile apps. Enterprise apps, chat apps, games, e-commerce apps. Enterprise applications are large software system platforms. These are operated in a corporate environment such as business or government. These are a bit complex, scalable and component-based apps. 

These enterprise apps may include payment processing, billing system, product catalogs, security management, IT management, content management, business intelligence (BI), human resource management (HRM), sales force management. App development companies take some extra care while offering enterprise mobility solutions. 

As these enterprise apps are essential and widely used by many large-scale companies, they do come with some security risk factors. Any mobile app can be prone to security. Due to some technical issues, sloppy coding, fewer security layers, no encryption-decryption system these apps can suffer. 

What will happen if an enterprise app encounters security issues?

The app might leak the confidential data to unauthorized people. Alternatively, the app might stop working. Orr the app might lose all the data stored. All these things affect the enterprise and also the users. While offering data and confidential information to the end user, the enterprise will consider security as a primary concern. Also, the end users of the app suffer a lot as they lose their data. Their mobile device might get affected. 

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Let us see what the most significant security issues faced by enterprise mobility solutions are:

  • Third party involvement – Whenever mobile apps involve the third party in their functioning, the risk of security increases.
  • Privacy threats – These personal access data such as contact list, images, other data.
  • Spyware – These do not give any warning and access personal data including the contact list, images, videos, files, browsing history, emails, text messages, and folders.
  • Malware – This malware once installed in the device, it initiates a disruption and enables the attackers to control your device.

What are the reasons behind these security issues

  • Small security budgets – Many companies do not focus more on security and fail to invest more into it.
  • Lack of security knowledge – This is the common reason for security failures of enterprise apps. Developers and management having less knowledge of security can be very dangerous for the organization. 
  • Weak server-side control – This increases the Vulnerability.
  • Lack of double protection – Here, the binary files are not analyzed and modified to protect against threats. 
  • Lack of transport layer protection – This transport layer tracks the route through which the data is transferred.
  • Poor authorization – This is due to weak authentication.
  • When employees leave the organization – This is yet another common scenario. Whenever an employee leaves the organization, he or she might still have access to the data.
  • The mobile device gets stolen – This can let anyone access the data.

Now let us learn how to secure your mobile enterprise app

Think Security Early On

Security must be a primary concern. Developers at the time of mobile app development must consider security. It is recommended that developers must have a security checklist. The earlier the threats are identified, the better security app can provide. Developers get to address the threats at an early stage. 

Increase awareness

It is essential to spread awareness among the users. Educating users will help organizations to take care of security. These pieces of training include manual checks or setting policies with software.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) system

The MDM system offers additional security features which can be controlled by your information technology department. It offers device encryption, password strength standards, auditing and many other security features. 

Single sign-in for logging in

Password policy can reduce the chances of hacking and threat attacks. It requires employees to set strict passwords for their mobile devices. 


Network encryption involves prevention from external parties from being able to read the data. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) are the most common types of encryption. Device encryption restricts the device to access the user ID and password in case the device is lost or stolen. The account can be disabled centrally. 

Security audits

Security audits assess apps and devices too! Security audits can remotely recover security issues. The security audit can either be conducted internally by the team or can be outsourced. It determines what additional security measures are required.

Examining operating system vulnerability

Deploying the enterprise apps on the operating system can raise the possibilities of security attacks. Leveraging the latest platforms and operating system will help.


Enterprise mobility solutions can have a considerable risk of security. Cyber attacks are increasing every day. Since financial activities are a part of enterprise mobility solutions, the risk is higher. By following these given steps, organizations can get rid of this risk and focus on the primary core objectives of the business.

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