How Can Augmented Reality Stir Up the Experience of Online Shoppers

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Posted: October 9, 2017

We live in an era where food, taxi, apparels and even a doctor is available ondemand. Technology has certainly taken a leap forward. Tasks, which seemed impossible in the pivotal years, have now become a piece of cake.

The true advancement we are talking here is in the field of Augmented Reality (AR). The domains implementing this technology have been restructured completely. The ways users used to avail a service, interact with a customer care executive or shop online, everything has changed. The noticeable fact here is that every change done lately is customer-focused.

Considering particularly eCommerce, AR is still in its nascent stage. The possibilities are immense, which are yet to be explored by users and for that matter, implemented by online businesses. Ever wondered if you could try clothes before buying them online, won’t it be spectacular?

Thanks to AR, which can eliminate size concerns by enabling you to try a certain piece of clothing before you buy it online. GAP, one of the leading fashion brands, introduced their AR app called ‘DressingRoom’ at the start of this year, allowing you to see whether the dress suits the mannequin of your measurements.

After ruling the gaming industry, AR is set to disrupt other domains as well for the good. Talking about the retail industry, here is how augmented reality app development can raise the level of online shoppers.

Exuberant exhibition of products

An AR-enabled app will provide a better display of products than the one which is not. This is because AR lets users visualize products, experience them virtually and understand their features before buying. This adds another level of contentment in the lives of users, especially those who hesitate in buying products online. They will be more comfortable and agile in ordering products from your app than your rival businesses which are yet to integrate AR functionality.

Uplifted user experience

Launching an AR app will only add to your trust and innovation scores. Users will love the way you add value to their lives, allowing them to feel the product prior to buying though virtually. It certainly gives an idea of how it will feel in reality.

A live example of it is the Converse app that lets you check how shoes will look on your feet using your smartphone.

Increased customer engagement

The hardest thing to achieve for an eCommerce store is to keep users engaged. A lot of businesses have come up with this misery that they have to deal with everyday user engagement. AR acts as a savior for such businesses. It enables users to interact, customize and visualize product, which decreases dissatisfaction to the minimal. In fact, a recent study states that 40% customers are willing to pay more for a product if they can experience it through AR.

AR attracts more customers

An extensive research about AR-friendly sites and apps done by Vibrant Media reveals that 42.9% respondents find AR ads are more compelling than traditional ads. The latter accounted for only 2.4% engagement.

High ROI

The augmented reality technology is being adopted by companies and across different business verticals. With time and advancement in technology, developing AR apps will be easy and affordable. It’ll be a matter of time then for small businesses to upgrade to modern, powerful and smart e-store. It is estimated that by 2020, total AR advertising costs will be around $12.8 billion. In addition to this, 71% users will prefer returning to shops that use AR.

AR will not only increase ROI but the brand value and trust in the hearts of your customers, persuading them to shop from your store each time they wish to buy it online.

Final words

Practically, possibilities with AR are limitless. The stage is set for businesses to invest early and stay committed because few years down the line, eCommerce will take the augmented route.

Augmented Reality opens a new horizon for customer acquisition, engagement, advertising and promotion. It is how you plan to take advantage of and turn possibilities into reality.

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