Google launches faster than ever Android Studio 2.0

Andy Boxall | November 24, 2015

App Development

Google Logo Oct 2015

Google has launched Android Studio 2.0, a refreshed version of its app development platform, that’s designed to be faster than previous versions. It’s estimated that a full app build is anywhere up to two-and-a-half times faster than before.

There are several key new features, many of which Google will continue to detail over the coming weeks, but it has highlighted a selection at this early stage. These are Instant Run, a new emulator, and a new GPU profiler.

Google announces Android Studio 2.0, with a host of new speed-boosting features

  • Emulators: Using a rebuilt interface, Android Studio 2.0’s emulator is easier to use, faster, and more comprehensive than before. Features including emulating different network conditions, reproducing simple actions, and accessing standard Google services. The emulator window can be resized to reflect alternative device screen sizes too.
  • GPU Profiler: Like the rest of Android Studio 2.0, this is a preview tool at the moment, and lets developers record entire sessions, providing insight into exactly what’s happening in terms of performance.
  • Instant Run: This is made to help developers see alterations made to code as quickly as possible either in an emulator or on a device. All it takes is a moment to refresh the browser to see the changes. It’s compatible with Android Ice Cream Sandwich and later versions.

Google’s new Android Studio 2.0 includes a new Instant Run feature

Google will be streaming more than 16 hours of content from the Android Developer Summit, where Android Studio 2.0 was announced, and will publish it online over the coming weeks. Expect more on the new platform and its features, plus a deeper look at Android app development in general.

In the meantime, learn more about Android Studio 2.0 here.

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