Google expands security and privacy features for apps

Anne Freier | October 4, 2019

App Business

Google has announced several updates to its privacy and security options this week. To mark Cyber Security Awareness Month, the Internet giant decided to give users more control over their privacy in apps such as Maps, YouTube and Assistant.

Google has added an incognito mode to Maps. The feature has been popular on Google’s Chrome browser and YouTube. By turning on the incognito mode in Maps, user location searches and journeys are no longer saved to their Google accounts.

Incognito mode can be accessed via the menu bar beneath one’s Google profile. It is being launched on Android in October and will come to iOS later in the year.

Google also made it easier to auto-delete one’s YouTube history. At the start of 2019, the search engine company enabled users to automatically delete location tracking and YouTube search activity within a set time frame. The same is now possible for users’ YouTube history.

Similarly, Google Assistant activity can be easily deleted using voice commands. People can now tell Assistant to simply delete a week’s or month’s user history. If a user chooses to delete more than a week’s worth of data, the Assistant redirects to an account setting page.

Lastly, Google launched Password Checkup which auto-checks the strength and security of people’s saved passwords. Impressively, it alerts a user if a password has been compromised and suggests actions.

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