Google and Facebook dominate UK Internet time and advertising spend

Google and Facebook together account for 28% of UK Internet time, according to findings from mobile measurement company Verto Analytics.
The number is testament to the Internet dominance of the two companies as well as their increasing advertising power. According to Verto Analytics, their revenue share may be double of their share of time. Part of the reason why Google and Facebook have been so successful is that they provide easy to use measurement and analytics tools for marketers.
When broken down, 17% of UK adults are using Google products such as Search, YouTube and Gmail at a total 42.7 million days a month.
The remaining 11% are using Facebook products such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger at a total 28.4 million days a month.
Hannu Verkasalo, CEO of Verto Analytics, explains

“The implications of a handful of dominant companies – particularly just two – go beyond simply which sites we surf. You have fewer sites increasingly controlling not only what you see and hear but where advertising revenue goes. The erosion of newspapers, magazines and high street retailers plus the web giants sway over political elections is just the beginning.”

Among the remaining companies dominating Internet time in the UK are Microsoft, Apple, BBC, Amazon as well as Oath, eBay, Activision Blizzard and Twitter.
The list shows that all of them are US firms except for the BBC, accounting for half of Internet time. Verkasalo adds:

“Advertising funds companies and ends up having a big impact on what products and technologies get developed. In tandem, increasing power and wealth going into fewer hands means it’s easier to move into other business models and industries, influencing society in new ways – think Google’s move into driverless cars and Facebook’s dive into Artificial Intelligence. It used to be the likes of NASA that drove the future, now it’s down to what search engine and social network you use.”

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