Google ad revenue growth slows: fewer mobile clicks and Amazon may be to blame

Alphabet, the Google parent, has just reported $30.7 billion in advertising revenue, marking a 15% increase year-on-year.

Although overall revenues were 17% higher than in Q1 2018 reaching $36.3 billion, many were disappointed by the growth as it marks the fourth consecutive quarter of decreasing revenues.

Additionally, analysts had forecasts revenues of $37.3 billion.

Meanwhile, rivals including Snap, Facebook and Amazon have presented much more positive ad revenue growth for the first quarter 2019.

Arguably, the maturation of the digital ad landscape, but also stronger competition from Amazon may have contributed to the results.

Some experts also worry that Google may be running out of space to place ads on mobile devices.

Google remained tight-lipped about the reasons for its slowing growth. Fewer clicks on YouTube ads appear to have contributed, following changes to the platform. However, it’s not clear what these changes were exactly.

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