Google acquires Relay Media to boost Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google has acquired Relay Media in order to boost its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project. Relay Media was founded in 2015 by an ex-Google employee with the goal of converting web content to the AMP format.
The company revealed the news on its website’s front page.
Barb Palser, Chief Product Officer at Relay Media, says:

“Today’s lumbering and overloaded mobile web pages are the legacy of a volume-based advertising marketplace that’s being replaced by one tuned to viewability and engagement.”

Relay Media confirmed that service for existing clients and customers would continue as usual whilst the transition was taking place.
Co-Founder David Gehring told TechCrunch that he would not join Google and instead continue working from the outside.

“[I’m] going to focus on incubating some ideas around AMP and also working with the WEF on a project around digital disinformation and fake news.”

Relay Media had been providing content conversions to the AMP format for clients including The Miami Herald, The Daily Dot, and Hearst Television.
Palser previously acknowledged that AMP has to be fast in order to help publishers advance their digital strategy.

“It needs to drive engagement and business value by supporting a publisher’s range of content formats, embeds, style and branding elements, navigation, analytics, ads, paywall services and other revenue products,” he added.

For clients, the results are instantly viewable with page loading times decreased from 8 to 12 seconds to under 1 second.
Although it’s not entirely clear yet how the company will be implemented into AMP, clients have been assured that they’ll receive at least 90 days advance notice.
Google previously said that AMP was now being used by more than two billion pages. Hence, the acquisition may not come as much of a surprise.
Despite fears that AMP offers publishers less control over their content measurement, the improved mobile user experience should help boost impressions.

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