Glispa unveils new Audience Platform to help mobile advertisers launch insightful campaigns

Anne Freier | December 18, 2015

Mobile Advertising

Mobile marketer, glispa, has just unveiled its ad technology audience platform – the “glispa Audience Platform” to launch globally in Q1 2016. The platform collects mobile user information and insights to let advertisers cater more impactful campaigns. It features real-time bidding, retargeting, native monetisation as well as mediation. Its user interface lets marketers discover and manage their audiences and geo-locate and map target markets.
glispa reveals Audience Platform
Freddy Friedman, Chief Product Officer, glispa, says:
freddy friedman

“We’ve assembled the expertise of a large team of data scientists and big data developers to create one of the most advanced data platforms in the mobile advertising industry. The glispa Audience Platform contains a highly visual, intuitive interface for users to handle and curate audiences, with a wide set of unique profiling information that other data platforms are not able to offer. Because glispa is positioned at the very heart of the mobile advertising ecosystem, we’re able to create a true 360 degree solution for our clients. This holistic view of the end users’ lifecycle translates into powerful insights that advertisers and publishers can act upon. Our publishers and advertisers benefit by finding engaged audiences, while the mobile end users also benefit by discovering products and services that are more relevant to them.”

glispa first began working on the platform a year ago. Now, Audience Platform takes 100TB of data and turns it into actionable insight. Attributes such as in-app engagement and purchase tendency are among its profiling features to help boost profitability and performance for its clients. Individual targeting does drive higher loyalty and lifetime value.
glispa’s dashboard is designed for self-discovery and selects sets of highlights from the platform presented on the world map. Called “world stories”, these audience formations provide more profiling information for users.
Philipp Neuberger, Chief Technology Officer, glispa, adds:
Screen shot 2015-12-18 at 7.41.44 AM

“The glispa Audience Platform utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to capture the most crucial profiling information from even the most trivial advertising events and interactions between consumers and content. This high powered data platform will play a key role in increasing performance and ROI for both publishers and advertisers alike.”

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