Fyber unveils new ad mediation platform to streamline app bidding process

Anne Freier | August 6, 2019

Mobile Advertising

Marketing tech company Fyber recently unveiled FairBid – its new ad mediation platform.

The new platform integrates a more streamlined auction technology for app bidding. Mobile game developers will be able to customise and monetise their ad experiences for a more flexible in-app programmatic experience.

Fyber says that the launch marks its most significant one since the company launched 10 years ago.

“At the heart of the new Fyber FairBid platform is the freedom to control how you want to sell your ad inventory among demand sources, whether that’s through a sequential waterfall, fully automated unified auction with real-time app bidding, or somewhere in between,” explained Ziv Elul, CEO of Fyber in a blog post.

App developers will be able to utilise the auction technology to offer ad inventory in real-time to server-side programmatic demand sources and programmatic mediation buyers.

Meanwhile, SDK-based mediated networks will be bidding in real-time with dynamic eCPM bids.

President of Fyber, Offer Yehudai added that publishers are progressively migrating toward programmatic “away from the waterfall – and once the sell-side decides to embrace programmatic, they will look for the partners that can meet their needs.”

“FairBid was built from scratch to be flexible, easier to use, and designed completely for in-app programmatic monetization and advertising. Fyber FairBid is the first platform to support a smooth transition from a pure waterfall setup to an increasingly programmatic monetization environment,” he added.

The platform provides a new workflow to allow developers to add apps, create and configure app placements and manage demand sources.

At the same time it would allow developers to gage which demand sources and campaigns are generating the most revenues for Dynamic Reports, which enable smarter decision making.

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