Fishbrain app sees surge in users amid coronavirus lockdowns

Anne Freier | June 18, 2020

App Business

Downloads and usage of fishing apps surged during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to data from Fishbrain, an app that highlights good fishing spots for anglers, its user base increased 23% in April 2020 to over 10 million users as a consequence of the lockdown.

According to CEO Johan Attby fishing boomed in some US states with licenses to fish increasing 50%.

Fishbrain which is a free app, last year, added an in-app marketplace that enabled anglers to purchase fishing equipment.

During lockdowns, the app noticed that purchases of equipment surged.

The retail market for global sports fishing is worth $200 billion according to the US Fish and Wildlife Service and American Sportfishing Association.

To date, Fishbrain has raised $28 million in funding and it boasted some six million logged catches.

In that sense, the app is not just a way to discover fishing spots and gear but also for anglers to join a community and share their catches. And so far, it’s working.

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