Fiksu adds new marketing data sources with eXelate and Neustar partnerships

Mobile marketing data specialists Fiksu has announced new partnerships with eXelate and Neustar, which will extend its already comprehensive data tracking system to provide more feedback on mobile advertising performance, and campaign analytics. Fiksu already tracks data from more than 8.2 trillion mobile marketing campaigns.
Micah Adler, Fiksu CEO, said:

”With the massive growth of the mobile advertising industry comes a massive desire for more data and more audience targeting. By partnering with industry leaders like eXelate and Neustar, we are able to scale up further and faster to meet the mobile audience-buying needs of top brands and advertiser clients.”

eXelate provides a data management platform which helps marketers engage with users from all different sources, covering everything from mobile to TV, both online and offline. It produces unified reports based on data collected across them. The company deals with more than two billion unique users, and the data will enhance Fiksu’s current marketing intelligence platform.
Neustar will add its AdAdvisor program to Fiksu’s platform, which provides data gathered from a wide variety of consumers, across retail, media, mobile, and several other markets. Neustar says its records are based on data from 220 million adults in the U.S., in 120 million households.
Fiksu works on many big-name mobile apps from brands including The New York Times, Activision, Amazon, Disney, and Coca-Cola. It collates data from 55 billion daily ad impressions, and has generated more than four billion downloads to date. You can learn more about Fiksu by visiting its company profile here.

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