Fetch report says: TV ads increase app installs by 74%

Mobile advertising company, Fetch, have just released new research that shows TV ads are effective in driving app installs. The TV Uplift Dual Screen Optimisation report finds that app installs increased 56% when commercials aired and up to 74% with greater frequency of airing. Because ever more consumers are using their mobile phones whilst watching TV, commercials are influencing app activity more greatly.
In addition, TV ads had an effect on app activity even after initial exposure. The subsequent 10 minutes drove a 24% increase in installs, dropping to 20% after 30 minutes. A positive app uplift was experienced up to two hours after viewing a commercial.
Positive uplift in app activity up to two hours after airing
Screen shot 2015-12-04 at 8.00.09 AM
Source: wearefetch.com
Timing is an important factor when it comes to driving app installs. Fetch noted the greatest impact on installs between midnight and 1am with a 650% increase in installs. During typical post-work hours (6pm-7pm), viewership peaked, unsurprisingly. However, advertisers need to consider demographics of their audience in considering the best timing to promote their app.
App installs highest between 12am and 1am
Source: wearefetch.com
The frequency of a commercial makes a big difference. The study found that running four TV ads within two hours drove installs by 467% and in-app conversions by 316%.
Ad frequency matters
Source: wearefetch.com
Dan Wilson, Head of Data, Fetch, says:
dan wilson

“For most app businesses, organic users are the highest value customers to the business. Users acquired through TV tend to be closer to the organic users in average value than users acquired through paid mobile media channels.”

Fetch recommends that marketers carefully consider the length and frequency of their campaigns and re-target ads in shorter bursts.

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