Facebook updates its ad metrics for actionable insights

Facebook is making upgrades to the way it measures ad relevance by splitting its single relevance score into three separate metrics.

The social network’s relevance score traditionally measures if an ad was relevant to an audience. Now, the company has decided to split the single score into three separate metrics to provide deeper and actionable insights for businesses.

The three ad relevance diagnostics include a quality ranking to compare ad quality to competitor ads targeting the same audience.

It also added an engagement rate ranking  and a conversion rate ranking to compare these metrics to ads competing for the same audience.

By splitting ad relevancy into three separate criteria, clients will be able to focus in on whether they need to make changes to their creative assets, audience targeting or post-click experience.

Furthermore, Facebook updated the way it calculates potential reach, which used to be based on the number of total active users in a month. The updated feature will only count people who were actually shown ads on Facebook within 30 days.

The latest changes reflect the social network’s efforts to keep advertisers happy whilst not overcrowding the News Feed for users.

In April, the company plans to axe another seven ad metrics and replace them with actionable ones such as post-saved metrics, which let marketers view how many people saved an ad or offer.

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