Facebook puts an end to engagement baiting tactics

Anne Freier | December 20, 2017

Mobile Advertising

Facebook is putting an end to engagement baiting practices, following user complaints. These are spammy posts which try to persuade users to comment or like a post on a page or profile. If you’re a Facebook users, you’ve probably seen them before.
According to a blog post from the social network, engagement baiting takes “advantage of [the] News Feed algorithm by boosting engagement in order to get greater reach.”
That is why Facebook will now demote individual posts from anyone who shares such a post.
The social media network recently reviewed a large number of these posts in order to configure a machine learning model that detects various types of engagement baiting. These posts will then be seen less across the News Feed.
In addition, Facebook plans to launch stricter rules for Pages that use the tactic repeatedly across the News Feed. However, the roll-out will happen slowly over the course of a few weeks to allow publishers time to adapt.
Posts which are asking people for help, advice or recommendations, for example missing persons’ reports or charity causes, will be exempt from the rule.
Publishers that use engagement bait tactics as part of their posts will see a drop in reach of their posts, whilst those who share such posts regularly will see a more dramatic drop in engagement.
In order to help publishers and Pages avoid click baiting tactics, Facebook has put together some guide lines.

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