Facebook introduces algorithm to combat fake news and click-baiting

Facebook has previously been looking into ways to discourage click-baiting across its site to help diminish the issue of fake news articles. Now, the company has presented a solution.
Whilst Facebook doesn’t intend to close down anyone’s account using click-baiting tactics, the social media giant has introduced an algorithm that moves these links lower in people’s news feeds, which means that they probably won’t see them unless they actively seek them out.
The technology detects aggressive shares by spammers and deposits them lower in a news feed. Content which Facebook deems spamming include click-baits, sensational posts as well as misinformation content.
Here are some posts considered spam:
“The Dog Barked at the Deliveryman and His Reaction Was Priceless,” or “When She Looked Under Her Couch Cushions and Saw THIS … I Was SHOCKED!”
This should not affect private users who simply like to share a lot of posts. It is intentionally directed at pages which survive off such content and tend to spam a lot.
Facebook says to find these pages it is looking at outliers – pages posting 50+ posts a day in order to attract a large number of likes or followers.
Adam Mosseri, VP of Product Management for News Feed at Facebook explained in an interview:

“We want publishers to post content that people care about, and we think people care about headlines that are much more straightforward.”

The move is certainly good news for serious publishers as well as consumers alike as it should help to address the serious question about misinformation being spread across the Internet.

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