Facebook expands transparency features and Instant Experiences for advertisers

Anne Freier | September 13, 2018

Mobile Advertising

Facebook plans to expand a range of features for advertisers including publisher lists and publisher delivery reports for in-stream videos, instant articles and its Audience Network.

By sharing publisher lists, Facebook allows brands and advertisers to double check if there are any publishers they do not wish their ads to appear on. The tool was originally available on the Audience Network, but has now been expanded for Instant Articles and in-stream videos.

Meanwhile, publisher delivery reports provide marketers with a full overview of all the publisher sites and apps their ads appeared on. This improves brand safety and transparency of placement choices across the social media network.

In a separate announcement, Facebook revealed Instant Experiences, which effectively bundles its Canvas and templates. The company said that such campaign types have doubled over the last 12 months and Instant Experiences ads are loading up to 15x faster.

Templates are available for a wide variety of business objectives including instant storefronts, a lookbook to display products, instant customer acquisition to drive consumer action, instant storytelling to engage audiences through video and images and instant form which allows customers to share their contact information with a brand to learn more about a specific offer.

Facebook Pixel has also been added to Instant Experience which should make it easier for advertisers to re-engage audiences.

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