Facebook expands Audience Network ad visibility to third-party apps and sites

Facebook has rolled out some additional capabilities for its Audience Network platform which makes adverts visible across third-party apps and sites to anyone who’s ever visited Facebook and not just logged-in users.
The move follows the closure of Facebook’s Exchange.
Facebook extends Audience Network reach
Source: facebook.com
Whilst previously, the FAN was serving ads only to Facebook users who were signed-in, the new expansion means that advertisers can tap into some good insights from non-users when they visit a site that integrates with Facebook. That’s called online interest-based advertising and ultimately extends an ad’s reach to audiences which were unreachable before.
Facebook says that the update also includes new measurement tools for campaigns, generating a full picture of how campaigns are performing across all placements.
By eliminating the restriction of catering to only active Facebook users, the company is competing more directly with Google AdSense.
Facebook says that the changes will be implemented over the next few months. However, people will be able to opt-out of seeing ads across apps and sites via their Facebook settings.

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