Facebook adds in-app payment support to tip video game livestreamers

Andy Boxall | April 17, 2018

App Business

Facebook has introduced a “tip” system in its apps for those who livestream video game play through the social network. It’s a smaller part of Facebook’s Gaming Creator Pilot Program, introduced in January, which included a tip jar for selected live streamers payable through the website.

Now, Facebook has updated its Android and iOS app with in-app payments called supporter packages, which cost $5 on iOS and between $1 and $100 on Android. These can be used to make payments to those live streaming video games.

Video game live streamers have a wide choice of platforms through which to broadcast, with Twitch and YouTube being most popular. Twitch doesn’t officially support donations, or tips, but does operate a subscription system, along with ads. YouTube also offers ad payouts.

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