Facebook adds Dislike button…to Messenger

It seems Facebook has finally added a Dislike button. But if you’ve just gone off to check your Facebook feed and couldn’t find the button, that’s because it’s not been added to the feed. Instead, Facebook has rolled out the emoji addition to Messenger.
Given that many users have installed an emoticon keyboard, which provides a thumbs down option in Messenger, the addition doesn’t feel particularly groundbreaking.
One thing that is different, is that Facebook now lets you hover over a friend’s message to like/dislike a specific message in a thread.
Whilst the option is still being tested and not available to everyone just yet, Messenger reactions could be rolled out to everyone soon.
Could this also be the start of a Dislike button for Facebook’s news feed?
The social media company has long said it didn’t want to focus on negativity across the news feed. Instead, it added a variety of emoticons such as an angry face to allow users to express when they’re unhappy with a post or news story.
The Messenger addition could be a test to see if user reactions to messages are helpful.
However, it seems Facebook doesn’t have to worry about negativity, given that the Love reaction is the most frequently used one. It makes up over half of reactions on Facebook.
The latest addition could also be used for Facebook’s Work Chat to provide a quicker way to agree or disagree with a proposition or plan. In addition, it may allow for simpler communication with chat bots.
Obviously, making it easier for users to engage with the app by simplifying replies is likely to help Facebook to attract its users to return to Messenger.

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