Facebook adds augmented reality drawing tool and Boomerang to Stories

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. April 17, 2018

Facebook Stories has added an augmented reality (AR) doodle feature which the company officially calls “3D drawing”. The tool allows users to draw 3D pictures onto photos or videos. When they move around, the drawn images stay in place.
3D drawing also lets users add graffiti whilst recording video.
The feature feels familiar given its similarity to a Snapchat drawing tool. However, the AR capabilities provided by Facebook offer a much more immersive experience.
In addition, the company is bringing Instagram Boomerangs to Facebook Stories. The Boomerangs are essentially GIFs that are looped. However, they differ from GIFs by not playing all the way through. Instead, the optics move back and forth.
The features were first spotted by Matt Navarra and reported by TechCrunch.
It’s not entirely clear what Facebook’s plans are with Stories. However, it appears that the company is trying to boost the Stories profile.
Although many of its original features and tools were a blatant rip-off from Snapchat, Facebook seems to be getting more creative on its own these days.